Statue Filling Workshop with Gen Kelsang Norbu

Friday, 8 September until Sunday, 10 September

Statue Filling Workshop

Creating the Causes for Inner Realizations
Friday, September 
8​ – Sunday, September 10​

​with American Buddhist Monk Gen Kelsang Norbu​

Statues of Buddhas are a source of profound blessings for the people of this world. Even for non-Buddhists simply looking at a statue of Buddha will bless their mind and sow the seeds of virtue and future happiness. For Buddhists, one of the commitments of going for refuge is to regard any image of a Buddha as an actual Buddha. It is therefore important that statues

​ ​

are properly prepared and filled correctly. Filling statues in this special way is a very beautiful spiritual activity that creates the cause to become ‘filled with realizations’. If we fill a statue correctly we accumulate merit for as long as the statue exists. During this weekend workshop, you will learn the entire process of how to fill a statue in a qualified way according to the Kadampa Buddhist Tradition.​

You are welcome to bring your own statue to fill, or the center also will provide statues to be filled (if your statue is over 13 inches, or not a traditional Nepali or Indian statue, please send us pictures of it inside and out, so that we can be sure we can work with this statue). 
– New hammer
– Flathead screwdriver (long enough to get into the crown of the statue)

Gen Kelsang Norbu was ordained in 2006 by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, and has been guiding students along the spiritual path since that time. Gen Norbu 
​is a fully qualified Teacher of the sacred art of statue filling, having received the full set of instructions from previous Lineage holders. We are delighted that Gen Norbu will be sharing his knowledge with us during this special weekend event.



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  • Friday, 8 September until Sunday, 10 September
  • KMC Hollywood
  • 4953 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027
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