Post Summer Festival Retreat

Friday, 18 August until Sunday, 20 August

How to Transform Your Life: A Blissful Journey
with Gen Kelsang Lingpur, Resident Teacher of KMC Arizona

This retreat will be based on the commentaries to Venerable Geshe-la’s latest text, How to Transform Your Life, given during the NKT-IKBU 2017 International Summer Festival. A perfect opportunity to explore this treasure trove of new teachings while retreating inside the beautiful Temple at KMC Hollywood.




11am-12:30pm Prayers for World Peace
1:30pm Wishfulfilling Jewel with Offerings

About the teacher

Gen Kelsang Lingpur

Gen Kelsang Lingpur is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona in Tucson. She has been a student and disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for 20 years. Gen Lingpur has been ordained as Buddhist nun for many years and has taught for the New Kadampa Tradition in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Mexico. Having benefited greatly herself from the study of Buddha Dharma, she is happy to give back by sharing her love of Buddha’s teachings. With a down-to-earth style, Gen Lingpur helps us to look at our situation in a new light, and to transform negative minds into positive ones

  • Friday, 18 August until Sunday, 20 August
  • KMC Hollywood
  • 4953 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027
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