Lake Arrowhead Away Retreat

Thursday, 24 August until Sunday, 27 August iCal | Google Calendar

Arrowhead Ranch, Lake Arrowhead, CA, 92352


Transformation Through Compassion: Imagination and Our Highest Potential

Topic: Taking and Giving
In Kadampa Buddhism, breathing meditation is a foundational practice through which we learn to improve our mindfulness and concentration and develop peace and stillness within the mind. On this basis we can graduate to deeper practices through which we can train in actualizing the extraordinary capacities for love, joy and wisdom that exist naturally within our heart … and in this way really make the most of this precious life. In particular, the ingenious practice known as taking and giving allows to develop all these qualities simultaneously.

In this special weekend away retreat, Gen Rigpa will explain these powerful practices and show how we can integrate taking and giving with a simple breathing meditation. This practice, known as mounting taking and giving upon the breath, gives us a very effective method for experiencing joyful and loving minds throughout our daily life and to make authentic progress in our spiritual training quickly.

General Retreat Description
During meditation retreat we take ourselves away from our usual routines and learn how to go inside our heart to develop the inner peace and positivity that we need for our day to day happiness and a meaningful life. This retreat will enable us to create and enjoy a fresh perspective on life, providing a spiritual holiday with like-minded friends in a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere. A perfect opportunity to go inside and connect with the boundless potential our our own mind, you are warmly invited to participate in this special retreat. Everyone is welcome.

Our retreat will take place at the Arrowhead Ranch in Lake Arrowhead. Nestled in the stunningly beautiful and majestic mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest, “The Alps of Southern California”, Lake Arrowhead offers an ideal, picturesque setting for meditation retreat. Within the beauty of nature – the striking scenery, wildlife, and fresh air of the mountains – find peace and meaning on this joyful and tranquil weekend retreat. (About a 90 minute drive from Los Angeles.)

Gen Kelsang Rigpa is an American Buddhist monk, the Western United States National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition, and the Resident Teacher of KMC-Hollywood and KMC-California. Gen Rigpa’s heartfelt and practical teachings are presented with warmth and humor, making them accessible to everyone.

Choose your accommodation (prices are per person):
Single (very limited #): $430
Double with kitchenette (limited #): $365
Double (2 Twins or Double): $340
Shared (3+ in one room): $320
Dorm: $285 For dorm: optional $15 linen package: sheets, pillows and towel)

** Cost includes accommodations, retreat and meals

Registration Opens June 10th! There is a $25 early bird discount if you register and pay the deposit by July 16th. Full payment is expected by August 14th.
Registration Closes on August 17th, 1 week before the retreat.
Cancellation Policy: All cancellations before August 14th is subject to a non-refundable fee of $75. NO REFUNDS for Cancellations after August 17th. 

Thursday, September 24
6:30pm Dinner
8:00-9:15pm Session #1

Friday, September 25
9-10:15am Session #2
11-30-12:45pm Session #3
5:00-6:15pm Session #4
6:30pm Dinner
7:30-9pm – Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Saturday, September 26
9-10:15am – Session #5
11:30-12:45pm Session #6
5:00 – 6:15pm Session #7
6:30pm Dinner
7:30-8:45pm Session #8

Sunday, September 27
8:00am Breakfast
9-10:15am Session #9
10:15am Clean up

About the teacher

Gen Kelsang Rigpa

Resident Teacher and Western US National Spiritual Director. Gen Kelsang Rigpa is an American Buddhist monk, the Western US National Spiritual Director and the Resident Teacher at KMC-Hollywood. He is a close disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, having received lineage blessings and oral transmissions directly from him. Gen Rigpa’s heartfelt and practical teachings are presented with warmth and humor, making them accessible to everyone. He shows the joy of living a spiritual life, and is an inspiring example of Buddhism in practice. Through his clear presentation, he is able to help student discover for themselves how to integrate these timeless teachings into our modern world, making everyday life joyful and meaningful.

  • Thursday, 24 August until Sunday, 27 August
  • Lake Arrowhead
  • Arrowhead Ranch, Lake Arrowhead, CA, 92352

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