Emptiness Retreat

Saturday, 5 May 10:00am - 5:00pm iCal | Google Calendar

4953 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027

During this retreat we will meditate on the sacred object emptiness, or ultimate truth. Gaining even a little experience of this object can profoundly change our understanding of our self, others and our world.

Out of confusion we misperceive the way things exist, fabricate an identity and world, and live within this hallucination as if it were the truth. We view our limitations as real and we feel stuck.

But our limitations and the world we normally perceive are not real and solid as they seem to be. The actual nature of things is emptiness, which means things do not exist outside the mind, but are mere appearances arising from our mind. Understand this naturally frees us from our sense of limitation and insecurity and fills us with a sense of possibility and joy.

Session #1: 10am-11:30pm
Session #2: 12-1pm
Session #2: 2:15-3:30pm
Session #4: 4-5pm

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About the teacher

Trina Gunther

Trina Gunther loves meditation and has been practicing Kadampa Buddhist meditation since 2004. Trina has spent many years integrating her meditation practice with her busy professional and family life. She enjoys exploring the many benefits of Buddhist meditation with others and looks forward to helping you discover your own inner peace and joy.

  • Saturday, 5 May
  • 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Kadampa Meditation Center Hollywood
  • 4953 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027
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